About Me

Before I found hypnosis that statement felt completely out of reach. I was severely depressed and angry. Life felt so unfair. The darkness surrounding me and my situation felt hopeless and impossible to escape from.

One day I stumbled upon a hypnosis recording. The simple act of allowing my conscious mind to relax and my subconscious mind to be heard for 10 minutes changed my entire life. I found a spark of hope and happiness inside me. Through the use of hypnosis I have created a life, career, family, and home; a life that I love.

Having the opportunity to guide others on their healing pathways brings me great joy. I am so grateful that you are here and can’t wait to talk to you about how hypnosis can serve you.


My name is Sara Macel. Being a hypnotherapist is one of the great joys of my life. The joy of watching my clients discover the power of their own minds humbles me on a regular basis. You are powerful. I am here to guide you. I provide a safe, loving space where my clients heal and transform. Let’s have a conversation about how we can work together and you can use hypnosis to create your healing!