Feel Amazing! 15 Minute Power Nap Hypnosis

Feel Amazing! 15 Minute Power Nap Hypnosis

You are 15 minutes away from feeling better!

Wherever you are, however your day is going; this 15 minute power nap will help you feel amazing!  Hypnosis helps your mind relax into letting the day thus far go. Then, you have the space to create a better feeling place to move forward with your day.

 You hold the Power

It is as easy as relaxing down into a meditative state and allowing yourself to follow my voice. You are in control and you have the ability to change the direction of your day. When you begin to feel into the power of your mind, there is nothing you can’t do or have. This video is just the beginning. If you would like to explore more ways that hypnosis can help you drive the ship, instead of being tossed around by the ocean, click here for a free consultation call. We will discuss how hypnosis can help you!

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Private Sessions

If you find my videos helpful, then I welcome you to experience the transformative power of private sessions.

Sessions take place over the phone, so you can relax in your favorite spot and experience the power of hypnosis right from your own home!

Private sessions bring you even deeper and allow you to experience therapy at the deepest level; inside your sub conscious mind.

If you would like to explore how hypnosis can help you schedule a consultation call with me here. We will discuss all of the ways that hypnosis sessions can help you create the life you want.

Take Care!

ASMR Snapping |Sleep Hypnosis| Power Nap | Deep Mind Body Rest Relaxation

ASMR Snapping |Sleep Hypnosis| Power Nap | Deep Mind Body Rest Relaxation

ASMR snapping and Sleep Hypnosis Power Nap give a deep mind, body rest relaxation. Powerful and deeply relaxing, this beautiful session brings you a reset of body and mind. You have the choice of relaxing into sleep or you can set an alarm and continue your day feeling fresh and ready for anything. Hypnosis and ASMR snapping bring you the ultimate in relaxation. Feel better fast with this power nap for deep mind body reset relaxation.



Boost your Energy with an Energizing Hypnosis Power Nap

Boost your Energy with an Energizing Hypnosis Power Nap

If you’re feeling sluggish or fuzzy and need a little boost, then this hypno power nap is just what you’ve been looking for.

Feel energized in 15 minutes!

Hypnosis allows you to open your subconscious mind and make deep, long lasting change. This hypnosis power nap helps you tap into your energy source and amplify it. When you allow the part of your brain with controls all of your automatic functions to energize, you flood your body with energy.

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Sleep Hypnosis Video Playlist

You can drift off to sleep feeling safe, loved and empowered with these Sleep hypnosis sessions:

Private Hypnosis Sessions

My loving style of ASMR and hypnosis provides the perfect environment for you to move to a better feeling place and create the change you desire.  It is my deepest desire to provide every person the ability to feel safe and loved. Which is why I make these videos; they are a great stop for anyone who wishes to crate change for themselves. Private hypnosis sessions over the phone are a great next step to go even deeper.

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