Feel Whole Within Yourself with Tapping and Hypnosis

I Don’t Feel Whole

Have you ever wondered how to heal feelings of unworthiness and powerlessness? Would you like to feel more whole within yourself and powerful? Feeling blocked, stuck or depressed is a part of the normal ebb and flow of life. Life has a natural rhythm of change. When you get stuck in an ebb, you need tools for change.

Find Tools that Work for You

EFT style tapping and hypnosis are the tools that allow you to find wholeness within yourself. Tapping on your meridian points brings an ‘in the moment’ change and release. When you can move the energy of your emotional state, you are in control. As you tap and talk about where you are in this moment, what you want, what is possible; then you are in control. You feel powerful and in control. You have the ability to change how you feel in any given situation and are empowered to make choices that lead to better feeling things.

Tap for Change in the Moment:

Hypnosis for Long Lasting, Deep Change

When you have a moment to pause, perhaps as you settle into bed; hypnosis is the tool that brings you deep, long lasting change. That part of your mind that controls your breathing, heart beat, chemical releases is at your disposal. You are in control. Through hypnosis you have the power to change your old ways of thinking and feeling about yourself and the world around you . The more often you go into that relaxing state referred to as trance, the deeper the messages of wholeness, worthiness and empowerment go.

Relax into Empowerment:

You are Ready

When you are empowered with the tools that work best for you, you are ready. Utilize these tools and feel better now! EFT tapping provides the power to change in any moment that is challenging. Hypnosis provides deep relaxation and deep change work. Together they are the tools for both you need,

Now and Forever

Whether your stress and emotions are acute and need changing NOW or are more chronic and long lasting, these tools will help you. When you need change in the moment, EFT style tapping helps you allow the negative feelings to move through you, so you can move on, Later, when it is time to relax, hypnosis is a great tool. In these videos you will learn how to use both tools for yourself,’ so that you can find your own empowerment.

But wait, there’s more

Tapping and hypnosis videos are only the beginning. When you’re ready to go even deeper, schedule a free discovery call here or fill out the form below to find the best pathway to your healing and empowerment.

You are Ready

Find out how hypnosis can help you.

During the phone sessions Sara really listens to what you want to work on and helps you find the best approach for your personality. She has helped me with anxiety, stress, confidence, and staying positive. I also love her YouTube videos for help with falling and staying asleep.

Kitty K.

Sara is a remarkable and kind hypnotherapist. She brings incredible warmth and compassion to every session. Her voice is so soothing! She goes above and beyond to make you feel seen and heard. It really was amazing how she helped me break through some pf my deepest traumas. And, it was all over the phone! All I did was listen to the sound of her voice and she guided me into a deeply relaxed state. I am a happier and more peaceful human thanks to her!

Janna D.

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