Can Hypnotherapy Help Me Deal With Covid Stress?

Can Hypnotherapy Help Me Deal With Covid Stress?

Hypnosis during Covid

The fact is that we, in this nation and across the globe are experiencing global trauma.  Our initial instinct may be to stuff our feelings so that we can still function and go on with life with whatever normalcy we can muster.

You may be wondering if you can begin your journey with hypnosis during the covid pandemic.  The answer is “YES!” Hypnosis is a powerful tool for processing and releasing stress, anxiety and depression.

Why Process Stress, Anxiety and Depression?

It is common knowledge that chronic stress, anxiety and depression reduce immune system function.  Having ‘fight or flight’ mode activated for long periods of time changes the way that bodies function. Digestion and sleep are two of many basic bodily functions which suffer.

In order to support our body in its basic functions we must move through and release stressors. Concealing and pushing down feelings is a temporary and, in the long run unhelpful practice.  Living a healthy life requires that mental health be granted the same importance as  physical health. To that end, new ways of healing must be explored.

Hypnotherapy for Health

The possible methods for processing and releasing stressors using hypnosis are innumerable. By working with a hypnotherapist in privates sessions, you can safely and effectively let go of those things which do not serve you.  Even painful and deeply rooted traumas are effectively processed and released while you relax in your own home.

Hypnotherapy Over the Phone?

Improving your physical and mental health is as easy as relaxing in your favorite spot with headphones on. You simply lie back, in the comfort of your own home as I guide you to relax your body and your mind. Sessions are interactive and deeply effective.

You will receive the benefits of relaxation and deep change work one phone call at a time!

How Can Hypnosis Help Me, Specifically?

You are an incredible individual with specific and valid needs and desires.  You deserve to be living the life of your dreams! The journey starts with a free consultation.  Simply reserve your spot by clicking here and we will discuss how hypnosis can help you.  We will lay out a specific plan to get you feeling amazing and loving your life!

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