Hypnotherapy for Creating Change and Setting Intentions

Hypnotherapy for Creating Change and Setting Intentions

Use Hypnotherapy to Create Change More Quickly!

Hypnosis speeds manifestation. You are closer to what you want than you may think. When you set clear intentions, or goals, and focus on their growth; those things are more likely to come to you. Clarity and intent about the things that you want help you line up with them. Your subconscious mind is powerful! Hypnotherapy allows you to efficiently plant seeds of change in your subconscious. Create change, set intentions and relax!

Video Series to Release the Past and Speed Manifestations

This is the second video in the Hypnotherapy series to release the past and speed manifestations. In the first video you removed those things that were blocking your growth and manifestations. By removing those things which do not serve you, you made room for the things you do want to grow and space for brand new ways of being and manifestations. For more information on why I created this video for you and how it can help you, click here.

Create Change for Yourself

It may not feel like it, but you are in control. Your subconscious mind holds the key to your growth and expansion! In this video, Hypnotherapy for Creating Change and Setting Intentions, you create change and set intentions for your future. You are in control of your life! This video puts you in the driver seat. By focusing on what you want, you speed your manifestations. Use hypnosis to heal your past, to heal your subconscious mind. Set intentions, create change, all with hypnotherapy!

Set Goals and Watch them Become your Reality

Private hypnotherapy sessions allow deeper, more transformative change. Sessions are done over the phone from the comfort of your own home. You are just one phone call away from learning how hypnosis can help you! Book your free consultation call here. I look forward to talking to you about how you can create change in your life with the powerful tool of hypnosis.

Hypnotherapy for Creating Change and Setting Intentions:

Hypnotherapy to Release the Past & Speed Manifestations!

Hypnotherapy to Release the Past & Speed Manifestations!

“I’m READY!” You declare to anyone and everyone who will listen. “Why won’t it manifest?”

It’s time, the manifestation, that next big thing, the next change is here! You can feel the pull of it, sometimes you even get frustrated at the fact that it’s not here yet. “What is holding me back? Why don’t I have it? Where is it? I’ve done so much work.” You journaled, meditated, focus wheeled, lit candles. Well…

Hypnosis Helps You Let Go

Your manifestation is ready for you and you are about to be ready for it. Whatever is holding you back is about to be removed. Simply relax into hypnosis and watch your dreams come to fruition. Private sessions are highly effective and efficient when it comes to removing old blockages, if you would like to talk about how hypnosis can help you, book a free consultation call here. I have also posted a video which combines the relaxing power of ASMR and the powerful tool of hypnosis into one:

Hypnotherapy to Release the Past & Speed Manifestations!

Release thought patterns based on old programming. Release the past. Make room for your growth and development. Make space for new intentions and manifestations. When you release negative thought patterns your manifestations speed up!

Release the Past, Feel Better, and Manifest Faster

Not only will you feel better after this hypnotherapy session, you will make room for growth and manifestation as you drift off to sleep. This video helps you release negativity and things that do not serve you. You have the power to help yourself feel better in the present moment. When you feel good now, you align with the things that you desire. Your manifestations appear before you like magic when you are focused on what feels good.

Sleep Deeply

You will find this hypnotherapy video relaxing and gentle. You are welcome to watch or to close your eyes and listen. Your experience is completely up to you and, as always, you are in control. When the session is complete I will count you down into a restful state of sleep, or you can find a playlist here which allows you to deepen your journey.

The Mind Garden

In this video the metaphor of a “mind garden” is used. We check in with your mind and see represented as a garden. Is it overgrown? Are there strong beautiful plants mixed with weeds? You are empowered to weed out those things that do not serve you and leave the beautiful things which do. Leaving space and plenty of water and air for them and for new manifestations. In the next video you plant new manifestations in your garden and in video three we tend to those manifestations to speed them up and bring you all that you desire! As each new video is released it will be placed here, so that you can weed, plant and tend to your mind garden all in one go!

What’s next?

When you’re ready for fast and deeper change, ultimately faster and deeper manifestations; then you are ready for one-on-one private hypnotherapy sessions. When you are experiencing a private phone session you know that our interactions are making your experience even more powerful. When you are ready to speed your manifestations with private sessions, book a consultation. I can’t wait to speak with you!

Can Hypnotherapy Help Me Deal With Covid Stress?

Can Hypnotherapy Help Me Deal With Covid Stress?

Hypnosis during Covid

The fact is that we, in this nation and across the globe are experiencing global trauma.  Our initial instinct may be to stuff our feelings so that we can still function and go on with life with whatever normalcy we can muster.

You may be wondering if you can begin your journey with hypnosis during the covid pandemic.  The answer is “YES!” Hypnosis is a powerful tool for processing and releasing stress, anxiety and depression.

Why Process Stress, Anxiety and Depression?

It is common knowledge that chronic stress, anxiety and depression reduce immune system function.  Having ‘fight or flight’ mode activated for long periods of time changes the way that bodies function. Digestion and sleep are two of many basic bodily functions which suffer.

In order to support our body in its basic functions we must move through and release stressors. Concealing and pushing down feelings is a temporary and, in the long run unhelpful practice.  Living a healthy life requires that mental health be granted the same importance as  physical health. To that end, new ways of healing must be explored.

Hypnotherapy for Health

The possible methods for processing and releasing stressors using hypnosis are innumerable. By working with a hypnotherapist in privates sessions, you can safely and effectively let go of those things which do not serve you.  Even painful and deeply rooted traumas are effectively processed and released while you relax in your own home.

Hypnotherapy Over the Phone?

Improving your physical and mental health is as easy as relaxing in your favorite spot with headphones on. You simply lie back, in the comfort of your own home as I guide you to relax your body and your mind. Sessions are interactive and deeply effective.

You will receive the benefits of relaxation and deep change work one phone call at a time!

How Can Hypnosis Help Me, Specifically?

You are an incredible individual with specific and valid needs and desires.  You deserve to be living the life of your dreams! The journey starts with a free consultation.  Simply reserve your spot by clicking here and we will discuss how hypnosis can help you.  We will lay out a specific plan to get you feeling amazing and loving your life!

Book Your Consultation

ASMR Remove Negativity – Heal your Subconscious Mind

ASMR Remove Negativity – Heal your Subconscious Mind

In this video I use the classic ASMR trigger, medical gloves to remove negativity and  bring healing to your subconscious mind.

ASMR ‘Triggers’

When hand movements, sounds and other stimuli bring a feeling of ‘tingles’ or relaxation; they are triggering the autonomous sensory meridian.

ASMR and Hypnosis

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response or ASMR  and hypnosis are a great combination! ASMR aides brings relaxation, which, in and of itself is beneficial.  The depth of trance is helpful for the process of hypnosis.

The Deeper You Go the Better You Feel

Hypnotic induction opens the subconscious mind and relaxes the critical part of the mind.  The deeper the trance, the less conscious interference, which allows for more thorough change work.

Enjoy the Video!

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This video will relax you with soft spoken ASMR and gentle hand movements.

I will remove negative thought patterns and all of the things you are ready to release with one pair of gloves and heal and fill in those spaces with two other pairs. Each pair of gloves has a different sound and experience.

I hope that you find this video helpful and relaxing. Thanks for including me in your day!

Private Sessions

Private hypnotherapy sessions provide the opportunity for you to create lasting change in your life.  Schedule a free 20 mine consultation and we can discuss how hypnosis can benefit you!

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